About Company

Aurven is a group of highly charged –up entrepreneurs helping to build extraordinary business for our customers constantly adding value to the ecosystem. Transforming ideas into scalable fully functional entities, Aurven is “maker” and not a “financier”. We focus on business models across multiple sectors and fulfil our consumer needs, identify opportunities, providing jump start to companies and retain ownership over a period of time.

Have an idea, get in touch with us, it could very well be the next revolutionary venture you have embarked upon..


Thanks for our expert team, we have increased our footprints across multiple Industries, always willing to go an extra mile to transform our customers ideas
into a gainful venture benefitting all. Areas of ventures include

E Commerce

Real Estate


Digital Marketing

Research and Analysis

Information Management

Investor Relations

At Aurven, our mission is to create long-term value for you and we achieve this by pulling together collective strength of our team, concept, technology, and capital. We’re fully involved in building our ventures and cover all critical functions required to establish the brand in the market. Taking special care to ensure we follow industry best practices are imbibed into our delivery structure while setting up a venture. Our team include professionals who are experts in Engineering and Product Development, Online Marketing, CRM, Business Intelligence, Operations, HR, and Finance. Besides, we have a global mobile task force of top talents that fuels our engagements with a high degree of agility and stability.